How to become a certified Yin Yoga teacher? Qualifications, where to teach, career and more

Gaining popularity fast is Yin yoga, a slow-paced, passive style of yoga. Practitioners are turning towards yin yoga in the pursuit of striking a balance between yang and yin practices, while many are also taking a keen interest in online yin yoga teacher training programs. So, how do you keep up with the next big thing in yoga and become a yin yoga teacher online? In this article we will address a few of the key questions around this.

Yin Yoga Teacher

What are the qualifications you need to become a yin yoga teacher?

With no dearth information out there, knowing where to start can be confusing. Should you start with a yin yoga class to get a feel of the practice? Can you dive straight into a 50-hour online yin yoga TTC? Should you first become a 200 or 500-hour registered yoga teacher? The truth is, there is no right answer or a defined path.
The recommendation, though, is to first get a feel of yoga. Start with attending classes 3-5 times a week. After a few months of regular practice, you can consider a 200-hour yoga teacher training program. This will give you a good understanding of the foundation of yoga as well as an introduction to anatomy and physiology, different styles of yoga and the various practices. It’s best to take up a course that is Yoga Alliance registered as it will boost your credibility and yoga career.
If you are confident and clear on your goal to become a yin yoga instructor, join a few classes or directly join a course like Sampoorna Yoga’s Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training. It is a 50-hour course on the foundation of yin yoga, and is self-paced giving you the flexibility to study over a period of time. The course introduces you to the what, why and how of yin yoga and provides a wonderful blend of theory and practical sessions.
As we stated above, there is no right path. You can even jump right into an online yin yoga TTC after just a few classes too, because the course will give you all the tools you need to practice yin yoga appropriately. Whichever path you choose to take, after a solid training and foundation, you will be qualified to teach yin yoga.

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What income can you expect as a yin yoga teacher?

The income of a yin yoga teacher can vary based on a few factors. If you are an independent yin yoga teacher, you can charge based on your years of experience and the region you are teaching in. If you are joining a yoga center as a freelance teacher, the pay scale will again vary based on your years of experience, region, styles of yoga (whether you teach only yin yoga or offer other classes as well) and the number of hours you are teaching, among others. The more hours you teach per week, the more you earn.

Where can you teach yin yoga?

The best part about yoga, especially post pandemic, is that you can teach anywhere. This applies to yin yoga too. You can start your own independent practice by taking classes online or opening a studio in your locality. This gives the freedom to increase or decrease the number of classes, launch workshops, explore other styles of yoga, or even venture into other fitness and wellness services.
Another avenue is working full-time with a fitness, yoga or wellness center. This type of engagement gives you a fixed monthly salary along with various benefits. In this case, you won’t have the added responsibility of marketing or trying to get new students. In this type of engagement, having more experience as well as authentic certifications is always a bonus.
When considering the qualifications, getting in as much self-practice, courses and certificates can greatly influence how you operate as a teacher. Having a yin yoga teacher certification that is Yoga Alliance approved is also a big plus point.

What is the career progression of a yin yoga teacher?

Where can a yin yoga career take you? What heights can you reach in this field? Here are a few ways you can progress:

  • Open a studio: Even if you choose to start your career as a freelance yoga teacher, you can eventually open your own studio once you gain experience. This will allow you to take control of your career and expand in any way you choose to. With yin yoga, the approach and practice is unique, giving you the opportunity to have a niche.
  • Advance your qualifications: You can start exploring ways to set yourself apart with additional education and further courses. You can look at advancing in the yoga field itself or venture into other fitness areas too. This will take you closer to being an expert in the health, wellness and fitness fields and pave the way for new opportunities.
  • Travel and teach: This is a wonderful way to progress. You will find plenty of opportunities to teach overseas, host or attend retreats in off-beat places, attend programs in India, the birthplace of yoga, and much more. That’s where a Yoga Alliance certification is also important. It gives global recognition and authenticity as a teacher. This is a great way to learn from others, live and earn in a new place and advance your career, while exploring new cultures too!

So, if you’re considering a yin yoga certification, don’t hesitate. Now that you know what a career in the field can look like, we would say take the plunge and go for it! With commitment and dedication, this line can transform your life in a miraculous way.

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